Mitch Tonks and his long-time pal Mat Prowse opened the first Rockfish in Dartmouth having already established the highly popular seafood restaurant, The seahorse just a few doors away. The aim was simple, to serve great seafood to everyone and to make a real occasion of it. After building a “beach hut” inside the small building, complete with log burner, the doors opened in the summer of 2010 and ever since guests have been enjoying the fabulous seafood served there all year round. We believe that good seafood is worth travelling for and that sourcing and freshness are a key part of it. 


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See our menu

See our menu

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We hold some fantastic events at Rockfish that are always great fun. Check out what we’ve got coming up and get involved.

Pirate Weekend

10th / 11th May

Ahoy me heartys! To celebrate Pirate weekend not only will there be a clue to be found in or near Rockfish (we can’t tell you where that’d be cheatin’!) but we’ll also have face paintin’ and balloon makin’ from midday to 6pm on both days.  We look forward to seeing you gentlemen and gentlewomen pirates and the odd landlubber to boot. 



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There is always something going on at Rockfish that we would like to keep you informed about. If a big catch of something special is landed we want to let you know about it  first! When our new wines are blended we want you to be the first to try them! Our Rockfish members can enjoy promotions and advance notice of forthcoming events and you get a chance to win a Rockfish meal voucher everyday – courtesy of our Rockfish Fisherman by playing cast & win.


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Local Fish

We just love our local fish and believe it to be some of the best in the world. Our buyers are on the markets each morning selecting the best of the catch for us and our menus feature a changing section showcasing the best of seasonal seafood. 


Top quality & sustainability are big things for us at Rockfish, the two go hand in hand when we are buying our seafood. Our local fishermen lead the way in fishing sustainably and catch over 30 species in our local waters. We believe this to be some of the best fish in the world. For our supply of cod and haddock we travelled to Norway where the fish stocks are amongst  the healthiest in the world. The quality of the fish was spot on too. You can always be sure of the best quality fish from a sustainable source at Rockfish.

Our Crab

Crab is a big thing at Rockfish and our local crab is definitely the best in the world, we’ve eaten crab everywhere and haven’t found better. Our crabs are cooked fresh every morning, enjoy them in a sandwich, salad, fully dressed or have a go at tackling a whole one yourself!

Squid Packs

We like children to enjoy seafood too and have designed our special Squid Packs with them in mind.. There are all sorts of great things inside to colour, stick and draw.  We encourage you to draw your best seaside picture on your tablecloth which we can then share with everyone by pinning it on the wall or ceiling.  We think you’ll love the  seafood trump cards – how good is a mussel to eat and how sustainable is monkfish? You’ll have to play the game with the family and find out!


  • Fish Rock Fun Book, with, quizes, puzzles, dot to dots and a sticker gallery.
  • 2 packs of fishy top trumps with fish facts for your kids to have fun and learn more about fish with.
  • There's also a pack of RockFish pencils to draw in the book and also on our table cloths with.