It's Crab Season at Rockfish

It's Crab Season at Rockfish

We have some of the best crab in the world landed off this coast. Fast deep water and the limestone belt that stretches from Dorset to Devon make the perfect habitat for our native brown crab, which from April to November, are in season & packed full of meat. 

Our crabs are a minimum 800g when live and landed to us daily, cooked in salt water and picked by hand.

Rockfish Crab Cocktail

The classic - chopped lettuce, avocado, cucumber, cocktail sauce & a heap of freshly picked brown & white crabmeat.

The Rockfish Lazy Crab (We’ve done all the work!)

An 800g South Devon crab freshly cooked & hand picked with the brown & white meat put back in the shell. Served with fresh mayonnaise, sour dough bread & salad.
For two to share as a starter £11.00 each
For one as a main course £22.00

A Whole South Devon Crab

Freshly cooked & cracked, with all the bits you can’t eat taken out & ready to pick yourself. Served with all the tools, fresh mayonnaise, sour dough bread & salad.

Great fun and a thoroughly enjoyable way to eat crab !