Our Ocean Protector Children's Packs

At Rockfish we love the sea and want to be part of doing things better to protect our oceans. We decided to remove all single use plastics from our restaurants and put water taps outside so that you can refill your reusable water bottle for free any time.  We thought it would be great for children who eat with us to learn a bit more about what they could do to help the oceans so our new Ocean Protector packs contain all you need to start to become an Ocean Protector yourself. 

There is a cloth bag that you can use for school or sports, there’s a book with puzzles, colouring and a recipe to try and it’s packed with information on what you can do too. There’s a cool card game to make it fun, a wooden dolphin puzzle to put together (the dolphin is the symbol of harmony in our oceans) and you can colour it in.

Plus there is a biodegradable bag so you can do your own mini beach-clean. And you can wear your Ocean Protector wristband and shout about what you’re doing. Every bit we do helps. 

Our Ocean Protector kids packs are available to all young children when eating in the restaurants.

What's in Our Ocean Protector Packs?

Paper booklet –  paper material recyclable / biodegradable
Cotton Bag – Is recyclable and re-usable
Pencils – wood material recyclable and re-usable
Pencil box – paper material recyclable / biodegradable
Puzzle – Wood material recyclable / re-usable
Stickers – Paper / PLA coating -  recyclable / biodegradable
Beach Clean bag PLA material – recyclable / biodegradable
Wrist Band – Fabric recyclable / re-usable
Metal clip – reusable
Our Ocean Protector Children's Packs