Rockfish Sardines

Available on our menu in the starters section or you can buy a can to enjoy at home for £4.95

Mitch talks about our Sardines

It's a project I have wanted to make happen for a number of years. I’ve always loved canned seafood, the experience is completely different but as equally delicious as fresh, salted and smoked and I’ve always admired how the French, Spanish and Portuguese do it, I think in these countries is cultural and they have the expertise but I’ve always wanted to do something with the best of British Seafood, so here it is.
We awaited the start of the sardine season then after 6-8 weeks into it when the fish had their highest oil content we bought a tonne from a small netting boat and sent them to a wonderful small scale cannery in Galicia. I’ve eaten a few tins and think they are really delicious, some of the fish have had milts in them which are a joy. Ive just eaten them with bread and a handful of sliced onion and capers and added some of the oil to mayonnaise to eat with it but I think the possibilities are endless.
The sardine fishery in Mount's bay is an important one as its been managed and fished so well and produces wonderful fish supporting a small fleet and the local community involved with processing.
Preserving by canning is the future for some seafoods, we must find a way to make our local fish stocks go further and we plan in the future to can shellfish like mussels and roes.
Rockfish Sardines