Smoked Salmon

Rockfish Hand Cut Smoked Salmon 

We serve this smoked Salmon in our restaurants. 
We worked on the recipe with our friends at Brown & Forrest in Somerset who are traditional smokers. 
The freshest salmon fillets are covered in a mixture of sea salt and dark sugar for 10 hours. They are rinsed and then allowed to dry slowly before being smoked over smouldering oak in a 50 year old brick kiln for up to 18 hours. The flavour is complex and rounded and the salmon tender in its texture. 
Enjoy a pack at home for £9.95.

What’s special about our “Sashimi cut” ?

The fillets are trimmed of the belly and tail so we are left with just prime loin. This is hand cut through the fillet which gives a balanced rounded flavour of smoke & fish. 
We cut the slices thicker, in the same way the Japanese do when preparing raw fish for sashimi so you can enjoy the wonderful texture as well as flavour of this fish.
We suggest serving the salmon with sliced shallots, a few capers and creme fraiche.
Smoked Salmon