Local Fish

We have some of the best fish on the planet landed on the South Coast everyday, we call it Britain’s seafood coast. At the very heart of fishing here is the fish Market at Brixham, where buyers from all over the world are each day looking to secure some of the catch. We buy a selection of the best of the landings each day for our restaurants, from gurnard, Dover sole, lemon sole & lobster, we have over 30 species to choose from. If we don’t have your favourite today try tomorrow as it’s probably still in the sea.

Our Fish Room

We buy and prepare alot of our local fish and send it to our sites each morning ready for service.

Cod & Haddock

Our Cod & Haddock is fished in the ice cold waters of the Barents Sea in Norway, where the stocks are really healthy, growing in numbers and certified sustainable by the MSC. It’s the best, most sustainable cod & haddock we could find.

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