Ethan Gerrell

Why did you start sailing?
A friend from primary school was doing a week’s multi water sports course and thought I might be interested. I sailed a Bahia for the first time and loved it. I then started going every week and then twice a week until I got all my levels. I then discovered racing and started sailing in an RS Feva with a friend.

Which club do you belong to?

I belong to Queen Mary in London, which is my most local club, I also belong to RTYC, so I can do some training and events with Tom

Do you have a history of sailing in your family?

There is no History of Sailing in my Family, although my dad is from a seaside town. My dad has since I started, learnt how to sail and has done powerboat courses he prefers to single-hand in a Laser..

How many times a week do you train on the water?  And off the water?

I would ideally like to train every week, but me and Tom are mostly getting together for Squad weekends and for events, but that works out at about two weekends a month. When at home I am working on my fitness and have joined a gym.

What do you actually do?

I am The helm, I steer the boat and operate the mainsail. We work as a team to decide what course to take in a race and where to start on the line. Tom operates the Jib and the Spinnaker. We constantly talk to each other on the boat about what is happening with the wind and where we need to be. An RS Feva is a really exciting boat to sail.

Who is your role model/s? in the sailing world, other?

I am not sure who my role model is, but I think Paul Childs would be up there. He was my coach in Zone squad in SE England and was in the Olympic development squad. He works really hard and is a brilliant coach as well as an excellent sailor.

Competition stats, info, what have you entered, won, achieved?

Last Year was a great year for us. As well as winning the Endeavour half time race in the Americas cup, Bermuda, we went on to win the Torbay regatta and the Salcombe regatta. We had a good National championship in Torbay finishing comfortably in Gold fleet. We then had a slight disaster, as whilst out in Medemblik at the World Championships, it was Toms turn to break his arm and we had to quickly find me a new crew. A friend stepped in at the last minute and we had a great Worlds, finishing 30th in Gold fleet. A position I was really pleased with . Tom was still there every day as support and pit crew. We then qualified comfortably in the Autumn GPs  and got a place in the Rs Feva Class National squad. We are about to have our last Squad training weekend.

Ambitions are:

To do really well in this years big competitions, The Nationals in Weymouth and the Europeans also in Weymouth. We then want to start our 29er campaign with lots of training and some competitions, but its a lot harder!

Currently studying in what year at which school?

I am in year 10.

Social media:

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Who is your coach?

This year our coach is Steve Irish.

What’s your favourite fish? 

My favourite fish is Cod ( And Clown Fish!)

How did you meet Mitch?

I met Mitch for the first time last year when we were in Bermuda for the Endeavour regatta. He came to see us in the Boat park and watched  us win our race.

What does the sponsorship with us mean to you? 

Sponsorship means the world to me. If we can get new equipment / sails etc on the boat, it can only help improve our sailing- New sails help us sail faster. Sponsorship also means that people are taking us seriously and have faith in us to do well this season, they would see us as having potential - and that is a real confidence boost. It would give us something to work for, to show everyone and our sponsors what we are capable of and give us a chance to really progress and hopefully win competitions!

What’s your motto?

I don't really have a motto, but sailing is my life and has given me lots of opportunities to travel and meet good life long friends.


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