Lauren Paton Interview

When and where did you start sailing?  
Starcross at age 11 years old.

Why did you start sailing?  
Enjoyed it and had family friends who sailed

Which club do you belong to?
Royal Torbay Yacht Club

How long have you been at the current club?  
3 years

Do you have a history of sailing in your family?
Yes. Grandad is a Master Mariner, Great Uncle has a yacht, mother dinghy sailed.

What do you actually do?
I crew an RS Feva which is junior 2 man asymmetric dinghy. I am in charge on the jib (small sail at front, pointy end of the boat), the spinnaker (big balloon sailed use on some legs of the race, makes the boat planed (go really fast, float on the water), advise the helm on the race course, hike out to balance the boat (hang on of the boat on the toe straps).  

How many times a week do you train on the water?  And off the water?
During winter most weekends, during summer 3 times a week.

What are your ambitions, what are you trying to achieve, in 1 year, 5 years?  
1 year: retain world championship title.
5 years: become a yacht sailor and compete in yacht racing, develop skills as a dinghy coach.

Who is your role model/s? in the sailing world, other?
Saskia Clark - Olympic Gold Medallist 470, Sailor of the Year 2016.

What’s your favourite fish?

Any mishaps or funny stories from sailing/ on the boat?
Relay racing in boats - I sailed up to Julia in the RIB, I was supposed to jump out and Julia jump in. I jumped out but she didn't jump in and the boot sailed off by itself, she had to swim after it!

Competition stats, info, what have you entered, won, achieved?  
RS Feva Ladies World Champion 2016

Currently studying in what year at which school?
Year 11, Torquay Girls Grammar School

What will you do next in school (eg A’levels? Where?)
A Levels - Maths, Geography, Economics, Physics. The Maynard School, Exeter.

Your sailing club website
Royal Torbay Yacht Club – (RTYC) Sailing in Torquay

Who is your coach? 
Pete Perera

What competitions and training are coming up over the next 4 months?
RS Feva Nationals, May, Torbay. RS Feva Class National Squad training at Weymouth (Feb), Draycote (March), Club racing every Saturday from April.

If someone wanted to see you training could they? Where/how?
Come down to RTYC on a Saturday afternoon from April.

What’s your motto?
Train like you race and race like you train.


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