Morgan Peach - Nov 2018 Update

What are you working on over the next 2 months? 
On land - When sailing such an extreme boat like the 49er optimising equipment takes a lot of time. At the moment we are spending hours working on the boat to ensure that nothing breaks and we can go faster. Rhos also spends a lot of time in the gym trying to get as fit as possible because crewing is very physically demanding! 
On water - After reviewing our summer events it became very apparent that we were going fast but had done too much swimming… So the next two months are involving lots of hours 5 days a week looking at boat handling to make sure we loose minimal amounts and keep the mast in the air (not capsize). 
What measures are you using to see if you’re going to hit your objectives? (key races?)
Our next outcome regatta is the 49er European Championships in Weymouth in May 2019. This is going to be the most competitive event of the year and it is brilliant that it is in home waters so we are looking to have the best performance possible. 
Before then, we have plenty of other regattas such as the Miami World Cup, Vilamoura Grand Prix and Princess Sofia Regatta, Palma. These events will ensure we are getting enough racing practise in whilst also moving up the World rankings.
What is the biggest challenge you face at the moment?
Currently, one of our biggest challenges is in very windy, wavy conditions where our boat handling is challenged. This is what let us down in summer so we are putting a lot of hours in now to put it right. 
Another challenge were facing at the moment is with our lifestyle, since we’ve both graduated from university this summer we are now full time sailing. This is such a big change and shock to our systems that we now have so much more free time the question were constantly trying to work out is how best to use our time. 
Can we follow you to keep up to date?
 Yes on instagram: @peachawesailing
Who are the strongest competition you have to deal with nationally, internationally?
GB represent some of the best 49er sailors in the world with the top boats coming 1st and 2nd at the worlds in 2017, this gives us a great opportunity to train with the best but also means we will have to top the world fleet in order to get an Olympic qualification. 
2019 also is going to be a very intense year with Olympic qualification up for grabs so we are expecting fierce competition on the world stage. 

Previous interview

When and where did you start sailing?
Started Sailing in Torquay aged 8

Why did you start sailing?
Started sailing as my Dad is a keen sailor, then got involved with the RTYST (Royal Torbay Youth Sailing Trust) and found the Trust really helpful and engaging so carried on from there!

Which club do you belong to?
Royal Torbay Yacht Club. 

How long have you been at the current club?
12 Years 

Do you have a history of sailing in your family?
In my family only my Dad sails, but my family do have a tendency to be involved in sport with my Mum having been a professional table tennis player.

What do you actually do?
From the outside full time sailing looks like just spending time on the water every day, but its much more then that, each training block has a specific purpose which tries to give us an advantage on the racecourse. There is also a physical aspect so we like to keep on top of our fitness as a team by hitting the gym. Lastly, we have a technical aspect, which involves looking after the boat and making sure we are always trying to find better gear, which will hopefully lead to better pace!

How many times a week do you train on the water?  
On the water we like to get out around 5 days a week in the 49er but also love sailing all other types of boat and just generally being out on the water.

And off the water?
Off the water a lot of our activity is based in the gym and trying to keep fit, I like to say I go 4-5 times a week… 

What are your ambitions, what are you trying to achieve, in 1 year, 5 years?
In the short run it’s all about learning and developing as quickly as possible through pushing and challenging ourselves daily. We will however compete at junior events that provide a more objective measure to see how we stand in our age group. Longer term all eyes are set on an Olympic medal. 

Who is your role model/s? in the sailing world, other?
Michael Phelps – Due to his ability to give more then anyone else! 

What’s your favourite fish? 
Cod – cant beat Cod and Chips  

Any mishaps or funny stories from sailing/on the boat?
When sailing boats such as the 49er there is always funny stories, most recently I found myself at a mark with someone else’s boat in-between my legs, which then swept me out of our boat and into the water! Im also quite renowned for falling out of the boat so I guess that’s quite funny, although Rhos may disagree.

Competition stats, info, what have you entered, won, achieved? 

  • 49er Junior European Champion 2017
  • SB20 National champion 2016
  • Red Bull foiling Generation GBR Champion 2015 
  • 29er National Champion 2014 

Currently studying in what year and where?
Just graduated from The University of Exeter with a 2:1 in Business management.

What will you do next for study / work?

Your sailing club website? 

Who is your coach?
Nick Redding.

What competitions and training are coming up over the next 4 months?
Two biggest events coming up are the Senior Worlds in Denmark, which will have the top 90 boats in the world who have qualified, after that is the under 23 worlds, which gives us the chance to show our potential.

If someone wanted to see you training could they? Where/how? 
We train mostly on the south coast in place such as Torquay, Weymouth, Poole and Southampton, so can often be found in these places. Also any national ranker will have us and the rest of the British Sailing Team competing at.

How did you meet Mitch?
First met Mitch with my Dad where we took out his boat, which was fun and a new experience, we have kept in contact from there. He’s a great guy and its been really good getting to know him better.

What does the sponsorship with us mean to you? ie what real difference will it make? (you can work less and put more effort into training, you can show off your boat…etc!)
This sponsorship means a lot to us, at this level equipment is such an important aspect of the sport and our support is being used to help have world-class equipment, so that we know on race day its us vs the competitors and our boat doesn’t stand in the way. 

What’s your motto?
Champions are made when no one is watching.


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