Sustainable seafood restaurant on England’s Seafood Coast

We have some of the finest seafood in the world caught from within a few miles of each of our restaurants. We have a simple approach to preparing it - we buy the freshest and most sustainable fish on the planet and treat it simply, we believe this is the best way to enjoy seafood. Our skilled chefs chargrill, fry & plancha the best of what's available each day whilst shellfish like crab and lobster is prepared each morning during the season. Our wines are carefully selected to enjoy with seafood and we oversee the making of our own craft ale 'Seafood Coast' and our famous 'Sea Cider'. Children will love Rockfish and our activity packs are not just great fun but a good way to learn about the seafood and the fish in our oceans.

There is something for everyone at Rockfish and we look forward to welcoming you all to enjoy some great seafood and happy times.