Find out how we are helping the communities around Rockfish

Find out how we are helping the communities around Rockfish

At Rockfish we believe in being a part of our community and supporting local charities is part of that belief. We work hard to make a positive contribution where we can. 

Each of our restaurants is proud to support a local charity.  On our menus we let all of our customers know that they can help support these local charities if they’d like to by paying an optional £1 table donation on their bill – it is optional but we are delighted that so many guests choose to help support these great causes. 

Here's some more information on them and other charities and causes we work with and support. You can find out about all the local young sailors we sponsor on our sailing page too!




The RNLI lifeboat was re-established in Dartmouth in 2007 after a gap of 111 years. The brand new D class inshore lifeboat was named Spirit of the Dart and the volunteers have since been called out over 260 times. Details of all the “shouts” with films and photographs, along with details of the crew and our history can be found on the station website at

The Royal Dart Youth Sailing Trust

The Royal Dart Youth Sailing Trust was set up in June 2016 as a legacy of the 150-year celebration of the club. The charity aims to help young people to benefit from being able to sail and especially those who might otherwise not have the opportunity. As well as supporting Royal Dart Yacht Club (RDYC) junior sailing it aims to make it possible for more local youngsters to have a chance to try sailing.



The Holiday Helper’s Network (THHN)

THHN was founded by Torbay hotelier Luke Tillen in 2009. Since then it has offered free memory-making holidays to more than 500 families living with serious illness and bereavement. The charity offers accommodation, food and passes to local attractions, and pays travel grants. Families are referred by national charities, including Clic Sargent, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Barnardo’s, Victim Support.

The Torbay Youth Sailing Trust

The charitable trust was formed under the umbrella of the Royal Torbay Yacht Club in 2007 to encourage children into sailing.
The Trust owns 14 dinghies and one rib and runs a number of two-day sailing courses for children of Torquay. The Trust relies on Volunteers both on and off the water, and welcomes new helpers, who are offered appropriate training.



Pride in Brixham

Pride in Brixham volunteers, formed in 2006, are a group of men and women working closely with the Brixham Harbour Office. Throughout the year they can be seen painting, railings, lamp-posts, seats and the public loos! Over the years they have also created 4 large award winning gardens with beautiful 3 tiered planters, and instigated the 25 'Up the pole planters' in Middle Street. They love Brixham, and would like everyone to love Brixham too!

Till the Coast is Clear 

Till the Coast is Clear, run by local man Gary Jolliffe, is a social enterprise aimed at tackling marine plastic pollution. He is spearheading beach cleaning of our local beaches.



The National Marine Aquarium sustainability research Reconnect programme

We also support numerous other activities locally where we can, like the Fishermen’s Mission, Brixfest, the Delicious Dart Trail, Chicks and many more. 

Reconnect aims to encourage people to try new types of seafood, work with communities and give people tools so that they understand and enjoy the wonderful sustainable seafood that can be found around Britain and begin conversations between suppliers (e.g. fishmongers, chefs, fishermen) and consumers.



Exmouth Beach Rescue Club

Exmouth Beach Rescue Club was founded in 1986 in response to the withdrawal of council lifeguards on Exmouth beach. For the last 30 years the club has provided a voluntary lifeguard service every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday throughout the summer.  

Members can join the club from age 12 and immediately start learning essential skills, including first aid, surf awareness, lifesaving and communication. They are encouraged to develop and grow so that when they turn 16 they can take their beach or surf lifeguard awards and start patrolling.

The club has grown in recent years to around 60 members and has increased its focus on surf lifesaving sport, not only ensuring members have a good level of fitness but also bringing an interesting competitive edge to training sessions.

The volunteers not only provide a service on Exmouth beach, they also help out at other local events, including first aid and rescue cover for Exmouth’s fireworks display, mussel festival and Starcross Swim.

They are a truly local charity providing a much-needed service for residents and visitors alike!

Find out more >



The Wave Project

At Exeter Quay Rockfish, we're working with amazing charity, Wave, who help our young people, especially those with learning, physical disabilities and mental health issues. They help by getting them on the water and giving them confidence. A great idea that has been shown to work by an NHS funded pilot.

This award-winning UK charity is just around the corner from us and we can see them out on the water. They work with young people, age aged 8-21 years, at risk of isolation with a mental health issue, learning difficulty or physical disability. Their work has been hailed as an innovative and accessible way in which to help young people improve their mental health and well-being. 
“Surfing has given my son confidence and self-esteem that, as a teenager with high functioning autism, he never had before.  This amazing work should not be underestimated”, Parent
The Wave Project started in 2010 when the NHS Trust funded a pilot to examine the benefits of surfing on the emotional health of young people. The results showed that going surfing once a week helped clients feel more confident, improved their outlook and gave them a sense of fun. Encouraged by the results, The Wave Project was established! Find out more here >



Brixham Gig Club

We've have sponsored one of our local gig club boats - see if you spot it on the water!

Purple Angel

We're working with dementia awareness organisation to help train our staff so that we can make a difference to someone when they eat out with us. Their motto, 
"What does it matter if i can't remember yesterday?
"As long as today is good, that's all that matters" 

Find out more about them here >


We also sponsor a number of young aspiring sailors at our local sailing clubs, find out more here >